More than 1,500 % return on investment

Successful PR is complex, but the goals are quite simple: Ultimately, it is about making our customers and their products better known to a desired target group. But how can the increase in awareness be measured in practice? PR rarely generates countable leads and certainly no direct business transactions. Nevertheless, when buying a machine, for example, a customer tends to buy the product he knows from technical reports rather than an unknown one. In this respect, successful PR makes a valuable contribution to corporate success.

In order to shed some light on the dark side of the press coverage, we have taken a look at the published results of a case study that we carried out for an internationally operating customer within the machine tool industry. And we ourselves were surprised by the resounding success: the printed articles alone had an advertising value of over 60,000 EUR. The investment for this was a small fraction of it, the return was well over 1,500%.

How is such an output possible?

One after the other: At the end of 2017, we visited a gear manufacturer in Belgium who had made its production more efficient with our customer's machines. We wrote a user report according to journalistic criteria, including attractive and printable photos, and sent it to the relevant trade journals in German-speaking countries. Over a period of several months, extensive reports appeared in at least six respected technical journals from Germany and Switzerland. On average, the print articles were about two pages long.

Here are some details that illustrate the efficiency of our PR work:

  • The six technical articles published in the print magazines had a total volume of 11.5 full pages.
  • The user reports and photos were published in a total circulation of 89,080 copies.
  • This edition reaches around 222,700 readers1
  • The added advertising value is 60,650 €.2

Apart from these already impressive results, there were other added values on the basis of one user report which are not even considered here: Numerous online articles, use of the contents for sales, in the customer magazine and for social media.

What are the success factors? 

As so often in life, success has many fathers. On the one hand, we place high demands on our PR reports themselves: they are well researched and written according to journalistic standards.  They combine technical information with interesting reading that includes the characters concerned. A creative entry and a meaningful framework create a unit worth reading. In short: the content that we send to the editorial offices is on the level of excellent editorial work.  Thus, the specialized magazines profit from the advantage of receiving editorial work without any costs,, which, otherwise, would have been to be produced with a substantial expenditure.

In addition, other factors also contribute to the success. On the one hand, we have very good contacts in the specialized press world. And at the same time, we have made a name for ourselves as a reliable partner to many editorial offices over many years of work. Customers can benefit from this combination of experience, know-how and network.

1 The basis for the calculation is the generally used reader-per-copy factor of 2.5
2 This sum corresponds to the value of ads of the same size in the corresponding magazines.