How to improve your PR success in Germany and Europe

We support globally operating companies to significantly improve their PR success in Germany and Europe. Here is an overview of our PR concept for international companies.

Media landscape

Germany has a very rich variety of special interest magazines for technical topics - and mostly they are printed. When it comes to the topic of additive manufacturing, surprisingly, there are just a very few special interest magazines in Germany. Most technical magazines apply an integrated concept: AM has been added to the different production technologies they were already reporting on. internationally, the range of AM magazines differs from low-cost productions mainly using prefabricated press releases, to magazines created by enthusiastic teams of experts.

Cultural mindset

For German journalists, elucidation is an important part of the professional self-concept. The role of trade journalists is more defined by describing suitable applications for new technologies than by euphorically promoting innovations. Also, they are predominantly politically left. Thus, they are unlikely to share the same enthusiasm about young US companies' growth boosted by large investment capital.

Addressing the target group

Being a young and fast-growing industry, additive manufacturinghas gained a reputation for being disruptive and changing the entireindustrial manufacturing industry - at least in the US. In Europe, AM is seen much more as a technology that can best leverage its potential by being integrated in existing and new process chains. Besides, the communication of young and expanding US companies within the AM industry seems partly aim to address exisiting and new investment partners. When addressing media and customers in Europe, the focus of PR should be readjusted.

Our Solutions for improving your PR in Europe/Germany:

  • Adjusting existing PR content, taking local and cultural ins and outs into account
  • Creating relevance for media and readers
  • Applying our broad network to connecting with the most suitable media partners for your company
  • Permanently observing the development within journalism and trade media
  • Producing high-quality content by coupling professional research with interesting topics, and excellent writing skills

Don't let time pass, and feel free to contact us. This is how we can make the first step to your PR success in Europe.

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